Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011: The Event Highlights

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011 was a blast and cosmo ladies are all go gaga even before the show started. It was one the big event that I have attended this year. Lines outside of the World Trade Center are getting long. Finally at 8:30 PM they decided to open the door and let us enter. Tensions from the outside including the girl who is shouting to one of the marshall because they been waiting for so long and unpaiently waited to get inside the venue. 

Hot headed outside and hot men inside waiting for the show to start. Apparently we are all excited for the said event. The 69 hunks who are sweating in nervous and cosmo ladies and gays as well are really can't wait to see the boys ramp the stage. And once again those hunk faces of Cosmo men has been totally rock the stage.

Here are some highlights of the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011.
It was really so hard to take pictures of the show if you are not in an elebated spot and even if your in front of the stage you will never get to have good shot. I wish Cosmo ladies and i would say Cosmo gays should have seperate place during the event. Perhaps, ladies on the right and gays on the left because they are still men and so hursh to push ladies and not only that they are big, i mean really big in height and in weight. I wish will anticipate with this next time.

The best part that I love in the show was when the Brazilian come out and of course the time when the centerfolds walked. For more Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011 happenings visit

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