The Countryside Collection Of Regatta

Regatta the casual leisure wear takes a step away from the coast to the forest with its pre-holiday Countryside Collection.

Regatta explored earth tones from rich browns to olive, tan, orange and hints of blue as the brand's countryside collection. Plaids and florals layered with casual jackets and unstructured blazers in glenn plaid or houndstooth created a more polished look.

Rustic buttons and toggles add to the country, outdoorsy and relaxed feel that defines the brand. The heritage theme conjures up a relaxed, countryside feel and is under the sports tradition concept.

With its relaxed, carefree, easy and timeless appeal, leisure wear remains a relevant and much loved style in the world of fashion. It evokes a privileged lifestyle of enjoying outdoor activities, while remaining in touch with the principles of leisurely style and utmost comfort.

Such qualities are the cornerstones behind the success of Regatta, which has become synonymous to high quality and exquisite leisure wear since the brand's beginnings.

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