Galileo Enrichment Learning Program: The New Way Of Learning!

Wow, this another way of learning. I first saw it on the Blogapalooza when they introduce this Singaporean Math thing which makes me think, what it's difference in the usual math we had on school during those school days? Well, it indeed answer my question as the speaker go along in his brief intorduction about thing new ways of learning. Hmmmp, I think my son should try this new thing and I bet he would like it.

First and formost what is this Galileo? Okay based to them Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is a exciting and fun of english and math enrichment program for children ages 3-12. It can provides to your chikdren to improved school grades, become academically competitive, develop a positive attitude towards studying by associating fun with learning, nuturing your chikds skills and talents, and to gain more friends for your children.

They cater pre-school and grade school students ages 3 to 12. Once the child enters with their program, the child is assessed according to child's skills. The child may start his Galileo experience after the assessment which will only take 15 minutes of his time.

Children can got to Galileo Center twice a week for forty-five minutes per session. The child works closely with teacher-facilitator. The child is given fun activities to supplement the lesson for the day. Homework is given so that learning is continuous even outside the center. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged.

I bealive that we should not stop learning and of course childrens has a right for it too. Learning is a process that requires time and effort. For more information with this new learning program and techniques visit Like them at Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at

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