Health UPdate Manila

Health UPdate Manila, a regular forum between health beat reporters and UP Manila experts, will henceforth be the source of important information on health related issues. In this forum, the public can expect information to be delivered by those who developed them through ethical research conducted in the University of the Philippines Manila

Coca Cola Philippines partners with the Information Publication and Public Affairs Office of UP Manila in this endeavor. In this photo are , L-R, Dr. Michael Tee (IPPAO Director); Dr Alberto Roxas (Dean, UP College of Medicine); Dr. Josefina Tayag (Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UP Manila); Dr. Ramon Arcadio (Chancellor, UP Manila); and Mr. Walter B. Panganiban (Media Relations Manager, Coca-Cola Philippines).

In the forum there are lots of health problem who have been discussed.

National Poison Management & Control Center has a programs and services like poison control and information service, education and training, research and development and linkage and extension service which they have practising today.

CHITS for their electronic medical record for local health center has been providing this service to help the local health center to be more past in locating the patients record or easy transaction.

HIV updaes in HIV in the Philippines. The epidimiology which is 33.4 million people worldwide are currently infected with HIV with 28 million deaths so fae and 2.7 million new cases in 2008. Apparently has a total of 2 million who reportedly died.

And of course the worms from the soil who mostly affected are kids age 1 and up. Its impact to the children are are having an anemia, stunting, underweight, affects their intellectual performance and their physical fitness.

The Coca-Cola Export Corp. together with UP Manila through the Office of Dr. Mike Tee will be pioneering a regular health conference because they know with so many pressing economic and political problems facing our country today, public health concerns are usually last in the priority list and hence given limited attention. Many public health issues remains unresolved. In order to start making a positive difference in the areas of public health, these issues and concerns must be brought to light and given bigger attention. Knowing is half the battle. And if we are fighting a war against potential life threatening situations it is important that we share information that can save lives to as many people as possible. 

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