IBM Recognized For CSR Leadership In 2011 Global CSR Awards

August 29, 2011:  IBM won the Bronze Award for CSR Leadership in the recently concluded 2011 Global CSR Awards, Asia's most prestigious recognition awards program for corporate social responsibility, held in conjunction with The 3rd Global CSR Summit at the Marriott Hotel in Cebu City last August 11-12.  

The Global CSR award recognizes and honors companies for their outstanding, innovative, and world-class products, services, products and programs implemented in 2010/2011 as part of their broad CSR strategy. IBM was cited for its broad range of programs that deliver sustainable, technology-enabled solutions to communities.

IBM has been a responsible corporate citizen globally for 100 years now. In the Philippines, IBM provides strategic advice to country leaders working towards a Smarter Philippines while staying true to its commitment to uplift local communities through various sustainable corporate citizenship programs. 

“IBM’s Centennial Celebration of Service is a great example of how over 400,000 IBMers are building on the company’s strong heritage of skills-based service, innovative programs, and life-changing initiatives for our communities,” said Chestnut Andaya, Country Manager for Marketing, Communication and Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, IBM Philippines, “IBM has always strived to make the world work better and we hope this inspires people and organizations to work for better living for us all.” 

According to the company's Corporate Responsibility Report for 2010, now available at,socially responsible behavior at IBM last year yielded a range of benefits: reductions in energy use, more women in management roles, and smarter cities.  IBM employees were also healthier and safer on the job, received greater skills training, and joined with the company in donating more money and expertise to social causes through community partnerships.   

These and other accomplishments were detailed in IBM's 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, a year-to-year comparison of the company's citizenship and philanthropic projects, community partnerships, environmental stewardship, and employment policies and practices. It was prepared according to the highest standards established by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). 

The accomplishments detailed in the report are part of a century of progress at IBM.  As the company celebrates its Centennial this year, IBM's environmental leadership is one of 100 milestones in IBM's history of innovation, which can be found at   

IBM's volunteerism, quantified in the 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, was a prelude to a massive "Celebration of Service" in 2011, an effort that is helping to mark IBM's Centennial this year.  Given the company's traditional emphasis on public service, volunteerism was chosen as one of the major ways to celebrate the impact IBM has made on society globally.  So far this year, more than 320,000 IBMers around the world -- three-quarters of its global workforce –- have committed 2.6 million hours of their time and expertise this year in 5,200 projects in 120 countries, meeting civic challenges and societal challenges, and serving at least 10 million people in need. That is equivalent to approximately 900 years of volunteerism, valued conservatively at $100 million.  These numbers continue to grow as 2011 progresses. 

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