Ladies Have More Self Confidence Using Motives Products

I have been invited for a makeup seminar at the Market Philippines known as Motives Cosmetics where I have given a makeup kits for the sessions. I don't personally used makeups in everyday, I just used it when needed specially when I go to work and have a meeting with other Hotel partners and tie ups.

I have never heard anything about this Motives products until today that I have even tried their liquid foundation, concealer cream, dual powder and the eyebrow kit.

Although I did not able to finnish the seminar but I did enjoy the day for I have learn something from them. Tips and techniques when putting makeup. The natural look makeup is a help for me for I can use it whenever I get to work to look more natural in my day makeup.

The speaker teach us to know first the shapes of the face and how to manage them when going to put make up on it. Another tip she gave is that when opening and using a mascara, do not pump it to aviod air inside the tube. She says before pulling it out just make a circular movement in it.

By the way this are the thing you will need to put in your face to have a Natural looking face. Of course you need to have a clean face first before putting anything on it. These are the following;

1. You put foundation in your face in downward movement until your neck.

2. Put concealer if needed to hide some blemishes.

3. Use face powder in your face to even the skin color.

4. Use to shade of Eyeshadows in your eye lid.

5. Use eye liner and mascara.

6. Put blush/bronzer in your check bones to emphasize your face.

7. Use lip color for your lips, used nutralizer first and followed by lip stick.

Thank you very much to Ms. Angelica for my Motives Makaup Kit and to Ma'am Liz Tangchuco, I hope Blogger's Night with Motives will be happening soon and to know more about Motives Products, visit their websites at

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