LG 3D TV Glasses Your New Aid For Your Eye Health

The new 3D TV Glasses aid eye health from watching excessive. It does not degrade the eyes but it can cause eye stain.

"As a medical practitioner of over 12 years and educator in the opthalmic field at  the University of the Philippines, I can say that while many studies prove that watching excessive TV and/or staring at the computer monitor for prolonged periods do not permanently degrade the eyes, it can cause eye strain. As an eye doctor, I would still recommend regular "breaks" from TV or computer screen to rest the eyes."

- Richard C. Kho, a Neuro-opthalmologist at the American Eye Center and President of the Ntional Organization of Neuro-ophthalmologist in the ophtalmologists in the Philippines.

Common symptoms of  chronic eye strain are dizziness, nausea, and fatigue, not to mention drying, itching and redness of the eyes. 3D viewing with active shutter glasses can understandably tire out the eyes, even cause dizziness for some people because of the effect of the constant movement and in regulr depths produced by conventional 3D TV glasses.

Taking into consideration into customers and doctors' concerns on eye strain, LG electronics has provided breakthrough technology to allow customers a more comfortable viewing experience. This technology virtually eliminates dizziness and cross talk when watching 3D movies at home, allowing you to watch 3D movies comfortably.

Forget the eye strain and get ready for the finest, most cinematic 3D entertainment you've ever experienced in the comfort of your home. LG Cinema 3D TV. The new standard in 3D excellence. For more info, please visit www.lg.com/ph/cinema3d.

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