No.. Not Boracay But Its Poracay!

 It was my first time to have a bonding time with the people of Marketing Department in our company. Excited? yes because it is also the first time I heard about the place called "PORACAY". I'm wondering where it is and how did the place called it that way. All I know is the place where people most of the time going and a very familiar name called "Boracay" indeed I search the web and tried to find out where the hell is this place that we are going.

Until I found out a website which happens to be their website, the Upon browsing the site, I have found out that this place is the place where the old town of Porac in Pampanga which is one of the town in Pampanga who was affected by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo way back in 1991. The place was almost covered with ashes and the town was white during that time.

But look at the place now! there were the place Poracay has been develop in the center of Porac, Pampanga after the few years. The place is great! I love the landscape, the pool side, the lake and of course the zipline where you can take out all your stress. It was such a great experience to be there with the people whom you work with. The bonding time, singing, dancing and spending time at the pool is also one thing should be remember.

The resort is really big, for you can see different sections where you can find small and big swimming pool. The garden who has a beautiful flowers and the path way where you can walk or jag in the morning. Security and workers of the resort are very friendly, they are all very accommodating and hospitable. Bring your foods and drinks and other staff you might be needed during your stay there. Although there is a convenient store, its better that you can bring your own. 

The Zipline is the best and I find friends there where they are all Kapampangans and even ask and talk to me in their dialect. Good thing I know a little Kapampangan so no worries with the conversation. Kuya Noel, Macky, Stephen and Rokawa, they are rocks!

Oh my! at exactly 12 noon we have to pack up and go back to Manila. Too bad the place is big and you can go around it for one day. You might like to go there and spend your rest day in place like I do. I know for sure many of my friends will ask me where is that place. You guys should know and go there, give a try in visiting them. I know that you will also enjoy the place and it's another tourist attraction to go in the North part of the Philippines.

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