Aquabest Premium : The Quality That Matters

Aquabest Premium Revitalized Pure Water caters the most advanced water treatment system designed for Water Refilling Stations. The purification system is composed of 28 stages Reverse Osmosis that is being used by NASA to produce quality pure water with microfiltration, ion-exchange and post carbon filtration. With its exclusive TANWING Ozone and U.V. sterilization Technology, and GRANDER TECHNOLOGY from Australia.

Aquabest us aware of the fact that maintaining good relationships with the customer has to be built and maintained to ascertain patronage and to further promote the brand they employ the most effective medium via Television, Radio, and Print Ad. In addition, they make use of billboards, lamp post ads, web ad, and posters for brand visibility and promotions.

Aquabest has consistent training programs thoroughly prepares their client to run their own water refilling station. Their training program covers the topic to familiarize with their product and services such as standard operating procedures, machine operations and maintenance, water store operations and pricing, marketing and promotions, supplies and inventory, and accounting.

They have the fast return of investment by 6 to 12 months, depending on sales volume and a realistic sales income projection. Apart from beinng awarded with more than 10 excellence awards, Aquabest has recieved franchise awards for FOUR consecutive years fro Entrepreneur Magazine.

If this is what you need to get a good business? Be a franchisee now! You may call 371-0478 and look for Lyn or email them at and you can visit their website at

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