City Kart Racing: The Ultimate Venue To Drive Like A Pro-Racer

I was very  much excited when I received the invites for the Kart event. It was my first time to try it, I did try the bump car before and this one was really different. It was an early morning event, so I need to wake up early to get to the venue. luckily I was not late and came just in time at City Kart Racing. I forgot to eat breakfast and unfortunately they served coffee and pandesal with orange marmalade. Too bad i didn't drink coffee so I had water on the side. Then signing up to have a record on their data bases for the track.

I was very much eager to listen to the owner Jean-Marc Freihuber as he gives us the pointers and the rules and regulations on how to drive the Kart safely and knowing all the meanings of the flags. Check out the following for deatails;

Drivers Must:

- Attend the Safety Briefing
- Put on and secure their helmet properly before entering the Pit area
- Raise their hand if they are stopped anywhere on the track
- Slow down to a crawl before entering the Pit lane
- Comply with ALL flags and Marshals instructions

Drivers are forbbiden to:

- Drive under the influence of alcohol or any drug
- Intentionally Bump into other go-karts
- Step out of the go-kart anywhere on the track
- Drive recklessly (in the wrong way, Zigzag, sudden braking)

Yellow Flag = Danger - All Drivers MUST follow the Marshals instructions
Checkered Flag = End of the race - All Drivers MUST slow down and head to the pit lane
Red Flag = Interruption of the race - All Drivers MUST slow down and head to the pit lane.
Black Flag = Penalty - Flagged Driver MUST stop where indicated by the marshal.
Blue Flag = Give way - Flagged Driver MUST give way to the Go-Kart right behind.
Red and Yellow Stripes Flag = Weather conditions are changing, be careful.

The Rules and Regulations are for the safety of all Drivers and Marshals, Failure to follow any of the above regulations automatically terminates your session without any right to refund. The management reserves the right to exclude permanent reckless Drivers as per City Kart Racing management.

I was so nervous during the team competition and fortunately my team "Bat Ako" won the 4th place, we are suppose to be on the second place but they say that we have penalty of one lap. Anyway, it's okay because we did enjoy the game had fun. I even won the raffle and i got 5 credits so for sure I will go back to City Kart Racing.

I have seen that they can provide a unique  and effective venue for corporate events. Allow any driver to experience the emotion of a professional racer, and provide the safest and most agreeable racing venue. I will definitely recommended this to all of my friends who would like to have a unique driving experience. 

City Kart Racing is a concept taken from a European standard of Go-Karting using the latest technology in equipment, layout of track/design and facilities that would cater to the new generation of drivers. They are open to everyone from 6 years old up to 77 years old, first timer or professional Kart drivers are also welcome to have fun with them.


City Kart Racing are opens from Monday to Thursday, from 3pm to 10pm and on Friday to Saturday, from 10am to 12mn. Also on Sunday and Holidays, from 10am to 10pm except Christmas and Good Friday. For more information, reservations or corporate inquiries, please call +(632) 856.9155 or +(639) 175.859155. Check out their website at or you may LIKE them at Facebook at City kart Racing or follow them on Twitter at

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