INCHES OFF Supports Hot Young Designers Fashion Face-Off 2011

Fashion doesn’t wait for anyone, and Inches off shapewear can help you prepare for anything that fashion throws at you. Inches Off is a brand of shapewear that offers top class quality and comfort with affordability that gives you a perfect excuse to own several pairs for daily wear. 

Inches Off shapewears use FIRM CONTROL in all its styles for guaranteed instant slimming to hide those unwanted bulges and create a slimmer, smoother silhouette even in tight fitting dresses and jeans. 

They also offer high-waist designs that completely eliminate muffin-top effect and start the slimming from under the bust. With their comfortable and breathable fabric designed especially for Philippine tropical climate, you can wear Inches Off shapewear everyday, all day! It’s an instant and easy solution to give you that lift and tuck that makes you feel put together without burning a hole in your wallet.

Inches Off commits to nothing short of excellence in brand, skills and designs; this is why Inches Off supports Hot Young Designers in discovering new and young talented designers through Hot Young Designers (HYD)FASHION FACE-OFF 2011. 

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