Land Bank Achieves Operational Efficiency with IBM Power Systems

IBM announced today that the Land Bank of the Philippines, a government financial institution focused on fulfilling its social mandate of promoting countryside development while remaining financially viable, has achieved operational efficiency and carbon footprint reduction by consolidating production workloads onto optimized IBM Power Systems. 
Land Bank’s continued expansion of its product and services portfolio required the bank to address several IT infrastructure challenges, including the organic increase in data caused by growing user demand. The rising energy costs and ability to manage the growing number of servers also presented a challenge, especially with the lack of computing resources and limited floor space at the bank’s data center.  To overcome these challenges, Land Bank decided on the purchase of the IBM Power 770 server.  
The IBM Power 770 solution has enabled the bank to maximize hardware investments by repurposing their existing 16-core Power 5 570 as a purely development server. Designed for virtualized consolidation of business-critical workloads, the IBM Power 770 delivers value in terms of performance, availability, efficiency and flexibility for virtualization, addressing Land Banks’ business and IT requirements.  The IBM solution has also helped reduce physical space while minimizing energy usage as the Power 7-based 770 server qualifies for ENERGY STAR® status*.  In addition, the use of PowerVM™ virtualization has enabled continuous, dynamic resource adjustments across all partitions and operating environments, independent of physical placement, to optimize performance while minimizing energy usage. 
“Land Bank is operating more efficiently from the reduced hardware, software, energy costs, floor space and administrative overhead that came with IBM Power 770 and Power VM solutions. We now have faster provisioning, increased application performance, and improved response time to our customers.  Equally important, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint which is inline with our Corporate Environmental Policy to actively promote environmental protection and sustainable development, by incorporating effective environmental management practices in all our operations and services,” said Alan Bornas, Senior Vice President, Technology Management Group, Land Bank of the Philippines.
“A solid foundation for data centers starts with a powerful system design that is also optimized for the task—a design doesn't simply focus on deploying systems as fast as possible, but on deploying optimized systems for the required workloads. The IBM Power 770 solution matches the system architecture specific to Land Bank’s workload requirements.  It integrates management of all environments, enables cost reduction, deliver better IT economics and helps reduce the bank’s carbon footprint,” said James Velasquez, Country General Manager, IBM Philippines.

Land Bank joins a growing illustrious list of global customers who have transformed their business through leveraging the capabilities of IBM Power 7 servers, such as the TISCO Financial Group in Thailand, who were the first local customer to implement IBM Power 770 servers, for e-banking, deposit, loan information, and securities fund transactions online.

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