Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011 At The Rockwell Tent

The Global Pinoy Bazaar has been so successful in their two day event at the Rockwell tent. I visit them on the first day of the event and I would say that my son and I together with my friends enjoy the day.

There are booths you gave free samples of their products, some are asking to like their facebook page and win a prize or a token coming from them.

The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild was awesome, my son got keychain while I got a pair of earing with a Tweety bird design on it, its so cute but I decide to exchange it with my friend Angela with the heart keychain.

The bazaar was surrounded by the Philippine made products from clothes, bays, shoes, accesores, and gift items. As well as foods and home made soaps and fragrances. I try the Apple Woods moisturizers and its so smooth in the skin, its fragrance is mild.

We had tried the chocolate with a different variation from Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolate, they mix it with sili, green mango and salt, ginger and kalamansi. I never thought that they will goes well when they're put together. So weird yet so yummy. Chocolate lover will always be a chocolate lover.
Another thing I like in the bazaar was the feather earing that seen in the Bedazzle. Ate give us free candy as well while giving her best sales stalk with my friends. The Digiprint gave us free photo shots and they will print it for you as you wait for your copy in just a few minutes.

Yabang Pinoy was also there and of course the Young Hot Designer with their great collection from the finalist. It's so nice to see same old people you know in the same place while you enjoy the day even its raining outside. Hope to join in the next year's bazaar. See you!

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