IBM Holds Centennial Lecture For Future Philippine Leaders

IBM organized a special lecture entitled “A Business and Its Ideas: Reinventing the Modern Corporation” recently to over 400 future Philippine leaders, majority coming from the students and faculty members of the Asia Pacific College (APC), University of the Philippines (UP), Ateneo de Manila (ADM), De LaSalle University (DLSU), University of Santo Tomas (UST), Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), and other top academic institutions in the country.  The Centennial Lecture conducted by Timothy ‘Tim’ Shaughnessy, Senior Vice President, Services Delivery, IBM Global Technology Services is part of IBM’s year-long celebration of its 100th year anniversary.  The lecture was held on November 15 at the APC auditorium.

"APC has been fortunate to have had IBM as our founder, our mentor and guide, our staunch supporter, our partner in education. APC is dedicated to bridging academy and industry. The lessons learned from IBM’s first 100 years are valuable and is what real learning is all about," said Ma. Teresita Medado, Corporate Communications Director, APC.  “APC is honored to host the Manila leg of IBM’s Centennial Lecture Series, as the company celebrates its remarkable 100th year milestone this 2011”.

In his address, Tim Shaughnessy shared and highlighted three key lessons IBM learned during its past 100 years:

·        How the organization must adapt as the world economy changes
·        The role of technology for today’s leaders
·        How an organization retains its distinctive core through continual change

“To have long term growth and success, over decades and even a century, organizations must manage for the long term. IBM is looking ahead, and we’re thinking about what our 100-year history tells us about the world today, and tomorrow,” said Tim Shaughnessy.  “Most importantly, we want to engage with future leaders like you (students) to share perspectives and deepen our collective understanding of what individuals and institutions need to do to succeed in today’s globally integrating, technology-infused world,” he added.
Over its century of existence, IBM has played a leading role in transforming business, science and society. These dimensions form the basis for the three themes driving IBM’s Centennial: Reinventing the Modern Corporation, Pioneering the Science of Information and Making the World Work Better. Together they provide a basis for understanding how the rise of information technology has changed society and the world.

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