Enterprise Bank Improves Overall Performance with IBM Collaboration Tools and IBM Blade Center

IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Enterprise Bank, Inc. (EBI), a community-based rural bank that provides a variety of financial services in the Mindanao region announced today that the bank has achieved better overall business performance including enhanced communication and collaboration within the company’s network, and increased data security with the help of IBM solutions.

Enterprise Bank, Inc. (EBI) embarked on this enterprise collaboration project early this year to better cater to the increasing demands of small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), entrepreneurs, and members of low-income groups in Mindanao region. IBM has a business expansion program in place to support and tap into the growth in this region. IBM is committed to assisting local businesses, and organizations in smaller provinces outside the capital such as Mindanao, to develop skills and advance new and more efficient processes with the use of information technology.  Geographic expansion is one of IBM’s core growth strategies and Philippines is one of IBM’s focus countries in ASEAN.

EBI worked with IBM and IBM Business Partner AMTI to implement the project anchored on IBM BladeCenter technology and IBM Lotus software. Using IBM proven hardware technology and collaboration software, EBI was able to offer better customer service by increasing collaboration and help ensure data security via private, internal-communications platform in over 20 branches across the Mindanao region.

Today, EBI has a flexible and highly secure internal-communications platform that enables seamless collaboration capabilities across disparate branches and bank departments. The collaboration project enhanced communication and collaboration within the company’s network, increased employee productivity and improved customer service enterprise-wide, resulting in a better over-all business performance.

“In the past, we lacked the ability to communicate efficiently with our more than 20 branches. We also faced many challenges when it came to data security. EBI needed a solution that could provide a private, internal-communications platform to increase collaboration and help ensure data security, hence we decided to partner with IBM,” said Atty. Ronald E. Alvizo, EBI President/CEO.

IBM Lotus collaboration software lets organizations get in touch with people and information in real time conveniently — whether it’s using e-mail, instant messaging, social networking, document sharing, Web conference, telephone or video conference.

IBM BladeCentre technology and offerings provides clients an alternative to their headache of having to handle sprawling racks and overheated rooms.  With their modular design, IBM Blade Centre servers can reduce cost with a more efficient use of valuable floor space, and its simplified management, which can help to speed up such tasks as deploying, reprovisioning, updating, and troubleshooting hundreds of blade servers. In addition, IBM BladeCentre servers provide improved performance by doubling current rack density and by integrating resources and sharing key components, helping to reduce costs be reduced and increasing availability, without sacrificing performance.

“IBM is committed to providing solutions that contribute to our client’s bottom line.  We are pleased that the IBM Lotus collaboration software anchored on IBM’s innovative BladeCentre hardware immediately resulted to better business for Enterprise Bank.  IBM Lotus software helps organizations around the world work smarter every day. This success story with EBI is also indicative that businesses outside capital cities are slowly realizing the great value in information technology (IT) adoption as a way to increase competitiveness and as a key enabler for growth," said James Velasquez, Country General Manager, IBM Philippines.

For more information on Enterprise Bank, visit www.ebi.ph and check out IBM website at  www.ibm.com/ph.

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