Ice cream At The Church

There are lots of thing that happen during Christmas day this year. On our noche buena, exchanging gifts and greetings that seem will never end. I'm so glad to have my family by my side specially this season. In the morning, I have to get up early because I need to get to Church for the Baptismal of Baby JP.

Of course going there with my son who always wanted to go with me where ever I will go. The camera was holding by brother that time as he took pictures of my cute baby boy while walking outside the church and eating dirty ice cream from Mamang Sorbetero because he was so bored in the baptismal mass.

I love the shots, looks like he's a commercial model or something. One proud Mama is here, hahaha. Stage Mom to be exact but no, I know for sure that you will also love those shots.

He look like he never care about hte people around him. Just with the ice cream and everythings will be ignored.

Care for some ice cream mommy... I love the cheese flavor! oh yeah!

Hmmm... yummy! and one thing i like with this photo is that when he placed his hands in his pockets. It's so cool! 

Finally he finish the ice cream and looks like he wants for more... Maybe by that time his boredom will end too with the refeshing dirty ice cream from the Mamang Sorbetero. I would like to join you baby and will do it next time.

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