My Wish To Santa For My Sick Baby

It was so sad to know that your loveone is sick especially if its your son. We never know when it's gonna happen so I am facing the reality today. Can't believe that we need to get to Rizal Medical Center just to know that everythings will be fine.

The Doctors from the pediatrician's are very accomodating and helpful as well as the Doctors from the ENT of the hospital who help us understand and know more about what happen to my son. They give us powerful antibiotics and then we proceed to the x-ray exam while schedule for the ultra sound will follow after the mask had been subsideand being scheduled by January. Oh well, what will happen next? can't wait for the results.

I wish he was well, in the next few days after having different exams and medical test. So glad in a way that we are only out patient and no need to stay long in the hospital. Although, the whole day was being occupied by going ups and down in the hospital, its worth to stay and check things will be okay and hoping that my baby boy will be alright before Christmas.

So I write a simple wish to Santa that goes like this;

" Dear Santa,

 My baby boy is now sick and needs medication. I hope that we don't need surgery or something for him. Please tell jesus that he is a good boy and make him well and healhty as ever. There is no other better gift that I want to recieve this Christmas but to make sure that he will be okay.

Thank you!


I hope Santa will hear me as I say, please help me pray for my baby boy to get well.

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