Pasig Beautiful Christmas Evening Show

They said when the "ber" months has come people are getting more busy for the preparation for Christmas. however, unlike the Christmas way back years ago. People are feel the spirit of Christmas right on the first day of the "ber" month and people are more excited about the coming holidays.

Despite the fact that people can't feel the spirit of Chritmas today because of problems that they been through. Filipino's are born as happy as always. They always find new ways to handle a certain situation for a particular senario in their life. Many of Filipino's are experiencing having no money at all but they will never forget to celebrate the Christmas in their own special way.  In Pasig City, you will see the streets with colorful Parol and Christmas light around the city.

You will see Filipino's everywhere the country where they celebrating it. Today, there are lots of parks, villia's who can make you inspire this Christmas. One of them is the Christmas display in the Pasig City Hall where you can experience the Magical Christmas the Pasig Beautiful Christmas Evening, Showtime from 6pm - 10pm. It was started last November 24 until January 2, 2012. 

Presented by Mr. & mrs. Bobby Eusebio, Mutya ng pasig Rotary Club and the COD display. Bring your family, friends and love one's as Pasig City celebrates the 2011 Christmas. Enjoy!

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