Penshope Brings Back Mario Maurer

 Last October, during the Philippine Fashion Week at the show of Penshope, The Encore brought Mario Maurer here in the Philippines to showcase the Summer Collection. There are lots of fans who can't get inside the venue and even some media friends who happen to be outside the Hall 2 of SMX. 

People are very much disappointed about what happen and so Penshope told the public that there will be another show for The Encore, and they will be going to bring back Mario Maurer here.  At first, I was hesitant to think that there will be another chance to watch the show. Though I am not a Mario Maurer fan, I was just thinking that what with this guy?  and why girls here in the Philippines like him and what with this star who captured the hearts of the teenagers and even the young at hearts.

Surprisingly, I got an e-mail coming from PR Asia Worldwide. I can't event think that they would invite me to witness another fashion show with Mario Maurer on stage walking. 

It was started with a video clip from the presscon in CCP when he first arrives here. Followed by the cat walk of The Encore and when he gets out... People go gaga, taking pictures.  I even see it from my left to right, and I was kindda shock because they tried to get up on stage just to hold his hand. Crazy but its true, I've seen it many times during the show. 


One thing that makes me surprise during that night is that, Its also a partly celebration of Mario Maurer's birthday. Seem like it was a double event! 

It was nice watching the show, and I did enjoy it together with the funny crowd that makes me smile every time I see them go crazy over him.  I wish I can attend another fashion show of Penshope as well as other events of them will be gladly to blog about it. Cheers! 

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