2012 Is Here! (Happy New Year!)

The 2011 is been so rocky for me on the first quarter, become more challenging when comes in mid-year, and I would say lucky before the end of the year. Although there are bumps of ups and downs.   I still count all the blessing I have during the said year.  I got a job when I resigned and had been quoted as a "Sales Lady" though I am not until I finish my contract to the Hotel and now having a new job that I would say, fits to me before the end of the year. 

The past year was become so busy for me. I got my friends, new friends, family and a colorful love life, lol. In spite of all the chismis, envy and defamation to me.  I would say, thank you for those who help me to be stronger and confident of what I am today. 

Being a blogger with left and right of events and parties with my friends and so called friends. I was very happy that 2011 has been so fruitful and meaningful for me. Thanks to those people who help me and always on my side from my stumbling and rising. 

Today, as 2012 is being here. I will be more patient, choose not to re-act to anything indeed goes with the flow and plays around to thing that is happening. I will not be going to promise anything nor say anything that eventually I cannot do. However, I will do my very best to make things happen for me, for my friends and of course for my family.  I think this year will become more productive for me and will be more fantastic ever. I have lots of plans for this year and hopefully will do one by one or even little by little

I love this budhha wisdom, "Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship."  I think this one can be helpful for us on this year. Happy New Year... Cheers!

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