Bambino Festival In Pasig City: Another Sto. Nino Festival

Last year of Bambino Festival in Pasig City was not that exciting for me, and I don't even have a chance to see all the Barangay's float because we need to get to the Pasig City Cementery for the one-year anniversary  of my father in law. 

This year right from Laguna, I make it a point that I will get to Pasig before 4pm just to see the parade of the beautiful and very entertaining parade of Bambino. Just like before, every Barangay's in Pasig are participating for the said municipal activity.  To see what I mean, you have to scroll down more this page and look how fun it was. It's actually a version of Sto. Nino of Tondo and Sunulog of Cebu. 

I love fireman Sto. Nino and guest what? he lets people on the streets to be wet. hahaha...

Also, this two giant mascot who walks around with a sign in their front. Crazy but its very entertaining. And so, I will look forward for next year Bambino and hoping this time my son will get to watch it with me. See yeah!

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