Filipino Celebrates The 100 Years Of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has become famous in the US way back 1886 where it was developed at Jacob's pharmacy in Atlanta that is initially sold a patent medicine for five cents. It's actually a version on non-alcoholic drink of French Wine Coca. 

Today in the Philippines when it was brought here 100 years ago it becomes famous for its brand like Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Royal True Orange. I even remember the brand Fanta where it has orange and grape flavor during my younger years. 

Last January 6, I could have the privileges to attend to one of their celebrations in their hundred years here in the Philippines.

I got to arrive early to the venue from office because I don't want to get stock with the traffic because it's Friday. Since I came early I get a lot of time to explore with their exhibits. The following is the things that remind me the years when I get to know this drink product. 

And the memories have been flashed back to me, and the history follows.

I even remember this TVC from Tito, Vic and Joey while endorsing the Coca-Cola with resealable cap. Hahaha, so classic! 

Coca-Cola Philippines is no celebrating their centennial years have something for us with their latest Coke TVC. Bloggers and other media's are lucky to see it first before it was aired in the national t.v. with three different network simultaneously.

I know this TVC will capture the hearts of every Filipino as they watch it. It has a heart yet the story is truly Pinoy. 

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