I Got My Leslie Snack Packs At Okayokay.com For 1 Peso

I bumped across with the site called Okayokay.com one time when one blogger friend shared it on his wall. Then I get curious to find out what's with this site.

Until I encourage to join and sign up for my own account in there.  Actually, it's just because of their deals of P1 for a seven pieces of Leslie's snack pack that includes,  33g Nachos Corn Chips Barbeque, 33g, Nachos Corn Chips Hot Chili,  27g Clover Chips Cheesier, 27g Clover chips Barbeque, 22g Clover Chips Ham & Cheese, 24g Cheezy Corn Crunch Outrageous Cheesy and 22g Cheezy Corn Crunch Outrageous Spicy & Cheesy. 

Yes, you will only pay it for P1 and saved P44, almost 98% savings. However, it was only limited for one purchase per person, your payment will be upon pick up and pickup available Monday to Friday from 9AM to 6PM at Xend Warehouse in 340 Dr. Jose Fernandez Street, Barangay MauwayMandaluyong City 1553, Philippines or call (02) 585 0311. 

Luckily, they allow me to get 15 pieces of those yummy Leslie products for their 30th Anniversary Thank You Promo of Leslie Corporation for my blogger friends.

OkayOkay is a marketplace for deals. They are bringing the best deals to shoppers whether online or offline.

OkayOkay is the sister company of Commerce Logistics company, XEND. XEND is about bringing affordable shipping and state of the art online features to Philippine merchants such as ABS-CBN, National Bookstore, Multiply.com, eBay.ph, myAyala.com plus tens of thousands of other merchants trust Xend to handle their eCommerce and Logisitics needs.

UkayUkay, the inspiration for their name. They embraced the concept and encompass the spirit of UkayUkay and bring to online shoppers and users the OkayOkay.com, a marketplace for deals on exceptional products and services.
For more information and inquiries you may also visit their website at www.okayokay.com/ or ask their customer support at help@OkayOkay.com.

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