IBM Continues Leadership in the ASEAN Server Market in Q3 2011

IBM announced recently its continued leadership within the Enterprise Server market in ASEAN, sustaining strong market share and clinching the top spot, as reported by major analyst firm, IDC.

According to IDC’s ASEAN Quarterly Server Tracker, IBM took the top spot in factory revenue gains to achieve a 50 percent market share in the RISC and EPIC servers powered by IBM Power Systems™, as well as a leading 78.9 percent market share in the $250k servers market, more commonly known as the Mainframe servers, for the third quarter of 2011*.

IBM’s top position in the RISC/EPIC server market was boosted by several large deals in ASEAN. High-growth companies in the region have been turning to IBM's Power Systems not only to drive efficiencies, cut costs and better manage their operations, but also to run advanced analytics to gain insight into business trends and improve their competitive position.

IBM is still #1 in the $250k server market in ASEAN, claiming this leadership position since early 2001.  Earlier this year, IBM announced the z114 server, a powerful version of the IBM zEnterprise System, to extend the mainframe's innovation and unique qualities to more organizations, especially companies and governments in emerging markets such as those found here in ASEAN, who are experiencing rapid growth in new services for banking, retail, mobile devices, government services and other areas.  

IBM also reported success in the growing markets of the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, fueled by interest and success in Smarter Computing.  Smarter Computing refers to smarter architecture that can help clients gain actionable insights from data, increase IT capacity and deliver new services faster to create profitable business opportunities. IBM introduced its Smarter Computing approach to information technology earlier this year as a way for organizations to realize greater efficiencies, improved reliability, and better performance, and all, at lower costs. The strategy centers around three fundamental aspects: leveraging analytics to exploit vast amounts of data for business goals; utilizing optimized systems that are designed for specific tasks; and managing as much of the IT as possible with cloud-computing technologies.

In the Philippines, IBM swept the top spot in terms of overall server revenue market share, with a 48 percent share, gaining close to 12 points of share, over the same quarter in 2010, while IBM’s overall server market revenue was almost 17 points higher than the next closest competitor in Q3 2011.
IBM was also the number one ranked vendor in terms of market share in the Philippines for Q3 2011:

·  High-end Enterprise (250k+ servers) segment with 87.1% revenue share (an impressive 74.2 points higher than the next closest competitor)

·  Volume Server (10k+ servers) with a 69.7 percent share (a favorable 54.9 percent higher than the next closest competitor)

·  RISC/EPIC servers segment with 66% revenue share (a strong 38.6 points higher than the next closest competitor)

·  Nonx86 Unix server revenue share at 63.4 percent (a stellar 33.9 points higher than the next closest competitor)

·  Linux server revenue share at 46.1 percent (an acceptable 13.9 points higher than the next closest competitor

“IBM’s success is being powered by investments in differentiated systems and technologies, where we continue to lead in innovation, scalability and performance. As the Philippine economy continues to grow, clients are looking increasingly to IBM to help modernize their IT infrastructures, realize cost savings and innovate for growth.  We remain focused on investing in future growth and innovating for our clients and our communities," said Sang Yoon Yi, Country Manager for Systems and Technology Group, IBM Philippines.  For further information about IBM, please visit

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