Sunugan The Unfinish Business 2012

I was my first time to watch a live rap battle and one of the fortunate bloggers who had been invited. Thanks to Stef and Stanley Chi and of course to Sir Norman as well as Mike Swift and J-Hon.  I have heard and watch some rap battle before only over the Youtube and some videos that had been downloaded online.  At first, I don't like the idea of it because of the brutal words that they used in their exchanging of words during the event. My son used to idolized Dello as well as Loonie and mimicking their rebuttals and free styles. 

Eventually, I noticed that why should I get angry to my son indeed I tried to explain every single word that he used to be copied from those rappers.   I make it a point that he understands everything I said and tell him that not every word he said are good because I know he doesn't even understand the real meaning of it. 
Anyway, being invited in the Sunugan Unfinish Business 2012 was really a great opportunity to explore the other side of my blogging career, and I would say that I do have fun during that night. 

Among all the Flip Top stars, I have noticed that they are just simple and like ordinary people who happen to be talented in their chosen field.  I initially met Batas and he was so cool that time, very polite and down to earth, which gave me the impression that he's not really bad at all because during the first time I watch Flip Top,  the first thing I've seen was this guy is so boastful and over confident. However, while talking with him, I found out that he's not. Then I meet Anigma and the rest of them. 

Afterwards, I was standing on the side chatting with KC Montero about the Survivor Philippines and after having some laughs, the show was started.

 First, there was this guy who really disgusting because he drinks his urine with everything they put in it. Then finally the rap battle was started with Harlem vs Apekz  followed by Shehyee and Melvin the Devil and hosted by Mike Swift and J-Hon. 

Then the first main event in the night which is initially set for the fight of Batas and Abra. Abra was being called first followed by Batas until they exchange their words and both really good in fighting their lines, and the night was filled with flame.

And the final event was come with Loonie and Zaito, as they make the crowd go wild and laugh with their lines. True! As Loonie says in the VTR, they will make sure that they will give people a good entertainment for that night. And so, it was happened.

But my favorite part of the Sunugan was when Puting Kalabaw (J-Hon) do the rap thing in tagalog and ask the audience if they like it to be cool or "bastos". It was great! Keep it up Sunugan and more power to you. Cast your vote now, text voting will be 40 percent of the overall judging, 50% would be from the 5 secret judges, and 10 % is from poll voting online (coming soon). On Feb 29, 2012 is the last day of voting and on March 2, 2012 they will announce the winner.

To get more information visit and Sunugan Pro in Youtube. You may like their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter at And to subscribe, text JOIN SUNUGAN to 2948 for updates and news about them. 

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