Bringing Back The Cultural Heritage With Great Food And Performances

It was nice to be back in Intramuros where there are so many memories in me when I was young. Things, places and even people change for a period of time, but you will see no difference in a place like Intramuros where its wall can tell you all things that happen around it.  As I was saying in my past post in Why Is It More Fun In The Philippines,  I never even though the Admiral Continental Restaurant  that we used to dine-in  was the Barbara's restaurant today in Plaza San Luiz. 

Before, the Paella was introduced to me when I was six. Minimal changes happen to the place, although the old structure was still there. I know, if only those beams can talk and will great me, for sure they will identify me.  I have seen that the harp was still there that I used to play when I was a kid, run down the stairs and being called by my father and commanded me to stop running around. 

The place is still beautiful, and I have notice that there are lots of mirrors in every room. Especially in the attic where we talk to the son of the owner non-other than Mr. JC Delos Reyes and as he shared to us that name Barbara was his mothers name and the restaurant was named after her. The discussion was filled with lots and lots of brilliant ideas from exchanging thoughts of bloggers and his management. 

The Barbara Restaurant was the only restaurant that I have seen who performs Folk Dances for the guest and showing our national heritage of culture. The Dancers are all students of Pamatasan ng Lunsod ng Maynila, who happens to be one of the old schools in Intramuros.  They serve buffet dinner for only P545 with a graceful performance of these young talented dancers while you are eating, and the shows happen every Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday.

Thanks to Barbara's Restaurant for inviting us to try their food and experienced to be entertained and remembering the undying folk dances in our country like Tinikling, Pandanggo sa Ilaw, Sayaw sa Bangko, Ligawan and more.  

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