Get Exactly Your Cup Of Tea At Seattle's Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee has long been known for making that perfect cup of coffee. It’s smooth, never bitter, and full-bodied brews have satisfied java lovers countless of times. From their hot cups to their iced and Javakula drinks, each one is meticulously crafted to ensure you get the best flavor in every sip. And since they’ve perfected that through years of experience, Seattle’s Best Coffee decided to try their hand in something that they’ve always had but didn’t really shine the spotlight on tea. Now, the “best” coffee has exactly your cup of tea in SBC’s Milk Tea.

Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Milk Tea has that perfect blend of black and green tea infused with the sweetness of caramel. Enjoy it hot for a soothing experience to prepare you for the day or to help ease the stress of the day away. You can also enjoy it over-ice with red chewy tapioca pearls to give a refreshing twist to your usual routine. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed because it’s exactly your cup of tea.

I personally loved the cold milk tea that they offered. The taste of black tea which makes long for it with the red tapioca which i like to chew all the time. I actually brought the large one everytime I pass by the Seattle's Best Coffee shop. Try it for your self, have a sip and for sure you will keep coming back to Seattle's Best because of their new Milk Tea product. Also, They have something in this heart's day seasson. Try also their heart shape cookies in 4 different design.

Visit your favorite Seattle’s Best Coffee branches today and try out SBC’s Milk Tea and become a member of the coffee community at


  1. This coffee shop i personally liked. If anyone want to drink fresh coffee then need to go Oceana Coffee Shop. This is a best coffee shop. Various type of coffee is available here.

  2. Hi Adams,

    Have you try the coffee from Seattle's Best? Let me know if you do... thanks!