Greatness Starts @Home

One of the greatness moment of achievements that my son was when he got the Top 1 of his class during his Kinder. I remember that during that time, I used to hands on him to everything he's been through. Being a full-time mom, I attended to everything he needs and supporting him to whatever he likes. 

I used to be hid first teacher because when he was 3 years old, I encourage him to read books that I brought from the Book Sale and in spite of gave him some paper and pencil.  I even read poems, books and tell the story of a classic children's story that timed.

As he grows, I am still proud of him because he's been a consistent honor student in their class.  It was really a Greatness starts when you know that your kid is on the right path. None the less, he's continuing his own craft in his love to dance and sing.  At home, there is no other greatness for a mom like me if we haven't seen our kids to be more confident as ever they grow old. 

Today, he played football, attend practices and even busy in school as he now trying to pass his National Achievement Test this coming March 2, 2012 (I know he can make it!).  I am planning to enroll him this summer to an acting class so that his summer will me productive and fruitful for him.  

All my time, love and care for him will be my weapon to fulfilling his dreams and getting to the final steps of his life goals. I work hard for him and willingly give everything to him, he's my inspiration and joy. One hundred and ten percent of love and support is what I can give for him, and it will never end until I die.

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