What's Inside The Wall City: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Intramuros was one of the oldest places in Manila where Spaniards used to leave and walking around with this historical place will definitely a day's worth of rooming around. It was such a privilege to be part of the Intramuros Blogger Challenge 2012. Travel Blogger gave a chance to explore the Wall City in Manila and meet our chosen tourist guide to be able to tell us what's happening to this historical place. 

Blogger's meeting place before the tour was in Starbucks Intramuros, where it's used to be one of the tunnels that had been used during the world war II. While waiting we get a chance to taste their coffee plus a voucher from our friend Mark. I have the Signature Iced Chocalate that day and an Ensaymada before our jouney will begin.

Our country had so many historical places that we have to know, and I bet we should know and must know. Many people today did not know some of the historical artifacts of our country and for sure one of that is the history of Intramuros.  I will give you some deep insight of this place as we go along, so continue reading. 

It was said that during the Spanish Colinial Period The oldest district of historic core in Manila was named after the Latin word, Intramuros that means within the walls. 

Take a look at the picture where the old Wall City before the World War II...

And during the World War II...

So, the rehabilitation took place in 1951 and had been declared to be one of the historical monuments. President Ferdinand Marcos was signed the Presidential Decree no. 1616 in 1979 of April. Today, in our present day you will be able to see what I see in City of Wall as I shared to you the pictures that I have taken during the trip that we had in the Intramuros Blogger Challenge 2012. First, I want you to meet our tourist guide, Kuya Jeff of Mabuhay Tours, one of the oldest tour guides in Manila. He seems to know everything about the place, and it's so cool. 

Our first stop is the Barluartillo De San Francisco Javier followed by the gate of Fort Santiago next the Rizal Shrine. In this place, we get to know our national hero in deeper because there are some secrets inside the shrine that we have learned and know. One thing I like about of what Kuya Jeff was said is that when we stop in front of the picture of Dr. Jose Rizal's Japanese girlfriend whom this girlfriend of Rizal had once said, "I missed you already, come back soon... you little bad boy." I did actually make a joke to them that time that will tweet it because I think it's nice phrases for status.

Then we visit the Plaza Roma and the Manila Cathedral as well as the San Agustin Chruch. Guess what we don't even expect that there is a museum in this place and our last stop is the beautiful Casa De Manila.  I hope that you will find good information with this blog as I bring you the places inside the Wall City. I was just wondering in the next few years or decades, what will happen to this place and what do we expect to see? Well, I will definitely come back here will tell you the story about my journey within the Wall City. 
This is a Travel Write-up entry to the Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012 organized by IntramurosManila.Asia.

This is a Travel Write-up entry to the Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012 organized by IntramurosManila.Asia.

IBC 2012 is fully supported by the Intramuros AdministrationBarbara's RestaurantCeldran ToursMabuhay GuidesPilgrimage PilipinasCastillan ToursFederation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc.DigiEntrepreneurDigitalFilipino, Third Team MediaPayless Pancit ShanghaiRuthiliciousRuthilicious Fanpage and GadgetGambit.com.
The bars where he was been prisoned and the relics inside of the shrine will makes your air to raise up. Especially to the rooms where Dr. Jose Rizal spent most of his time during their time.  Even the original works of him that will definitely serve as the inspiration to all people who will visit the place will surely inspire to what he had done for our country. 

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