Drama & Romance Abound In Blue Bloods

As executive producer Leonard Goldberg teased, look forward to an exciting second season premiere with a story that is certain to provoke debate’. Indeed, the premiere episode of Blue Bloods, coming to AXN this March 31, 2012, does not disappoint!

A drama about a multi-generational family of  cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement, Blue Bloods marks multi-award winning Tom Selleck’s (Magnum P.I., Jesse Stone) return to primetime TV. The stellar cast of young and seasoned actors include Donnie Wahlberg (Righteous Kill, Band of Brothers), Broadway luminary Len Cairou (Damages, The West Wing) and Bridget Moynahan (Coyote
Ugly, Sex and the City).

The Reagans certainly do not have it easy. Blue Bloods Season 2 returns with the mysterious murder of an acquaintance of the Reagans, who also happens to be a supporter and fund raiser for the new mayor elect Carter Poole (David Ramsey, Dexter). Coming from a liberal political background with a soft approach on crime, Poole looks set to clash with the New York City Chief of Police, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) from the onset, by requesting that Frank cover the murder up as a random act of violence. Talk about getting off on the wrong foot!

Fans are also in for a rare treat in the premiere’s fundraiser - a special duet by Country superstar Carrie Underwood and musical legend Tony Bennett where they crooned to ‘It Had To Be You’ - a song which might just set the tone for the blossoming romances in the Reagan family. A charming art curator (Frederick Weller) sweeps Erin (Bridget Moynahan) off her feet but he just might not be who
he appears to be. While the youngest Reagan, Jamie (Will Estes), goes undercover and gets deeply involved with an organized crime boss, Noble Sanfino and his family. Trouble brews when Jamie is attracted to Sanfino’s sister (Mara Davi) despite being told by Sanfino - "don't want what you can't have" - from the very start. Sound warning indeed.

Cupid stories continue to retain the core of what makes Blue Bloods tick – the Reagans and their close-knit family ties culminating in the weekly family dinner. Retired police commissioner and Frank’s father, Henry ( Cariou), integral role to play in the series. In a particularly heartwarming episode, Henry and Frank were nannies for the night while Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and his wife Linda (Amy Carlson) went on a date night. In what might be one of the most hilarious scenes in the entire series, great-grandpa and grandpa handed aside, Season 2 will have
a more down life advice to their grandsons. Their wise counsel consisted of what to order at a restaurant (you can order lobster at a steak house but never order steak at a lobster shack), what being out on their own feels like when they are older (you won't be poor exactly but you'll be paying for everything that used to come free so you'll feel strapped) and what to do when you can't pay your bills (if a month comes and you can make rent or the car payment but not both, make the car payment because you can always sleep in your car but you can't drive your house).

Blue Bloods’ balanced combination of nail-biting detective drama and family struggles offer rich material rarely handled so well by both a cast of actors and writers. It invites you to admire the men and women who struggle in and out of themselves to maintain order in New York City and draws you into the compelling relationships of the Reagan family. Don’t miss the return of Blue Bloods on AXN this March!

Blue Bloods Season 2 on 31 March 2012. Every Saturday at 10.45pm

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