Suplado Tips Book 2 Will Invades The Inner You!

The Suplado Book 2 launches into National Book store Shangri-La Plaza was so successful. People come to witness the second book of Stanley Chi, who becomes tremendously popular in the public because of its tips on how to be Suplado (snob).

National book store was filled with fun and laughter when Stanley Chi and friends like Ramon Bautista and Tado Jimenez has their punch line on the stage. 

Nanay Pelly as one of Stanley's  guest was there to give support for the second book. There is also some guest like Bake Shop who performed a song number  and people from Flip Top like Juan Lazy, Harlem and shehyee were there to sample some rap battle that leads to battle with Ramon, Tado and Stanley.

It was a super fun day indeed even the rain pouring outside. They had their friendly rap battle, and no harsh words are allowed. It was a free style, and everybody enjoyed the day.

My favorite part was when Stanley Chi called Jay L in stage and the rest blogger friends whom invited and shared their time in this event.  Even if, there are some miss-understanding on that day the Suplado Tips Book 2 was really successful and congratulations to you Stanley Chi!

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