American Standard: Introduced New Line Of Luxury Bathroom Fixtures

One of the leading makers of high-quality bathroom fixtures, launches its latest and most luxurious line of products that promises to make any home the envy of the neighborhood.One of the leading makers of high-quality bathroom fixtures, launches its latest and more luxurious collection of products that provides any home the envy of the neighborhood. American Standard, the most current line of shower heads, lavatories and water closets highlights the company’s commitment to design quality and innovation that it they are known for.

Becoming a trendsetter in to the design and innovation sector, American Standard has always ensured that its designs remain significant to the demands of today’s families and into today’s times.

American Standard launched the Concept Cube, a line of compact but beautiful and modern bathroom fixtures. The Concept Cube seamlessly blends the sleek modern lines with innovative technology, using strong and basic lines to acquire a contemporary look. Concept faucet series, on the other hand, complements the modern day, compact and trendy styling of a typical water closets and lavatories. Manufactured from high-quality chrome, these faucets make even small bathrooms chic and classy. The faucet allows better water saving since it provides better control for users and being leak free.

Satis Asteo water closet collection, which features amenities like LED dim lighting, soft music, automatic seat open and flushing, twin nozzle bidet, and air purification system that eliminates bad odors and airborne fungi and bacteria.  The Satis Asteo reflects American Standard’s mantra of innovating on products to meet its customers’ changing lifestyles.

The EuroZen, on the other hand, brings the most innovative and convenient functions to bathroom hygiene in a sleek and compact water closet.  With functions like siphon jet tornado flushing, powerful massage/cleanse function, deodorizer, warm dryer, nozzle with automatic cleaning, anti-bacterial nozzle, seat heater, and lift-off and slow- close seat cover, the EuroZen gives new meaning to luxury, comfort and high-tech to water closets and will make any bathroom a conversation piece.

The Ventuno collection is designed by award-winning Italian designer, Franco Bertoli. It is an absolute choice for cosmopolitan consumers as it reflects the patterns of today’s urban architecture and elements of modern style.  Designed with the sophisticated urbanite in mind, the Ventuno’s rounded, essentialized forms and geometric edges create sensations of pure harmony in every bathroom.

Taking a look at the company’s new line of shower heads, it is|it is often clear that the inspiration came from one thing its vibrant colors and the eye catching sweet candy like lollipops. The iColor Hand Showers evokes a fantasy world of plastic and bubble.

American Standard has always been setting trends in bathroom fixtures, |not only in the aspect of technological innovation but also in design too. This can be made possible by the highly creative team whose members are also into other industries similar to automotive, fashion, home and furniture, and luxury items,to name a few.

Most of the world’s most creative and award-winning industrial designers who design for American Standard are David Chipperfield, Ronen Joseph, Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl (Artefakt), Mark Sadler, Khumtong Jansuwan and Franco Bertoli, just one of whom have earned awards from prestigious award-giving bodies.

The American Standard’s new kind of bathroom fixtures are available in major building materials depots nationwide.  

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