Enjoy Worry-free Vacations With Travel Safe Of Citibank

Taking a personal trip or travelling with family, be it here or abroad, entails careful planning to ensure everything is just right. Citibank cardholders have a way of making sure they experience worry-free vacations by getting added protection in case of unexpected medical and travel emergencies.

Citibank offers Travel Safe as an easy and affordable insurance for all its cardholders so they enjoy peace of mind whenever they travel. To enroll, all they need to do is call 633-2699 and charge the plan to any Citibank Credit Card. Cardholders can opt to insure a single trip or avail of the annual coverage.

“When planning for a trip, remember to sign up for travel insurance a week or two before departure because you never know when you’ll need help. We recommend a comprehensive plan with assistance for medical expenses, accidental loss of life and travel inconvenience,” said Jenny Lacerna, Country Insurance Manager of Citibank. “Travel Safe which is conveniently available to all Citibank cardholders features 24-hour worldwide travel and medical assistance that covers emergencies you may encounter while away on vacation.” 

Enroll in Travel Safe for as low as P120 per day for a single trip or P37 per day for an annual coverage. Simply call the hotline 633-2699 and provide one’s details such as the names of those to be insured, their date of birth, destination and purpose of the trip, effective date of the policy, contact number and address, occupation, government ID and Citibank Credit Card where the premium will be
charged. The cardholder will receive an insurance policy. 

Feel better with Travel Safe as it helps one prepare for emergencies. It covers medical expenses while on the trip in case the insured cardholder gets sick or injured. It also includes arrangement for transportation back to the Philippines, daily cash allowance for hospital confinement, and if confined for over 5 days it offers transportation and accommodation for a family member or friend to be with
the insured. 

Once insured, the cardholder can also get a lump sum benefit in case of accidental death, and receive reimbursement of non-refundable payments or trip expenses if the trip is cancelled or cut short due to injury, sickness or death of the insured or of an immediate family member.

Get through travel inconveniences with ease and enjoy one’s vacation more. The travel benefits include payment for every 12-hour flight delay due to bad weather, equipment failure, or airline strike. If the aircraft is hijacked, baggage and personal belongings are damaged or lost, or one loses his cash or banknotes, the insured cardholder receives a payment as covered by his plan.

If the cardholder loses his travel documents, his additional hotel, travel and communication expenses can be reimbursed. In case of baggage delay, Travel Safe can pay back emergency clothing and toiletries purchased. It also includes reimbursement for cost of legal liability and can extend the coverage period of the plan due to unforeseen circumstances.

With Travel Safe, one can fully relax and enjoy his vacation knowing that help is readily available in times of need. Secure the safety of the family too and have a worry-free trip every time. To know more about Travel Safe call 633-2699 from 9am to 6pm, Mondays to Fridays.

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