Kids Gift Moms With Clean Hands On Mother's Day

Safeguard gave kids an awesome idea for Mother’s Day. The anti-bacterial soap brand came up with the Mother’s Day Hand Card Activity that would allow moms to receive the one thing every mother is sure to want – their kids’ good health.

Over at CCF Eastwood Sunday School in Quezon City, a Safeguard Hand Card Kit was given to the students. It was filled with watercolors, oil pastels, stamps, and Safeguard. Most importantly, in each kit were envelopes for the little ones to decorate for their moms, like they would any regular greeting card.

But there was a surprise twist! After designing the envelopes, the kids were asked to wash their hands with Safeguard, and then were instructed to wear their envelopes like mittens over their hands. They then presented their hands to their mommies. Once the moms opened the envelopes, which revealed their kids’ hands, they saw the message: “The best card you can give mom is a clean hand.”

The effort left moms touched and thankful. They also left with a free Safeguard gift pack.

The Safeguard Hand Card activity was also held at McDonald’s Sumulong Highway Marikina and Little President’s Learning Palace Manila.

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