Cooking Showdown In New Bilibid Prison: Iron Bar Chef

Bars are not hindrance to prove that they are talented specially in cooking... 

Oh well, it's just another Bilid experienced when I visit for the second time the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) together with my other fellow bloggers. But this time, we are able to get to the Midium Security Camp where the Iron Bar Chef, Bilibid Cooking Showdown has happened.

I'm so glad to meet Mr. Geraldo I. Aro, the OIC of Medium Security Camp of NBP. He tell us everything about their project in the Medium Security and their plans in the future and one of them is the Iron Bar Chef that we have witnessed. He gives us a brief information about the camp and as of June 15, the total number of inmates in the Medium Security Camp is 6, 083 with one completed released, 13 received and 1 high profile.

This is the first Iron Bar Chef in the New Bilibid Prison, and yet it was very interesting to know the contenders. There are six groups that are competing, and these are; 

1. NAMIT, consisting of Sputnik/Commando members.

2. CHAMP, Consisting of BSL/OXO members.

3. NAM-NAM, consisting of BM/BNG members.

4. YUM-YUM, consisting of BCJ/BC members.

5. SARAP, consisting of BRM/GIG members.

6.PATSAM, consisting of HGL/BATMAN.

During the competition, I have seen the sincerity of the inmates while competing on the challenge to beat their opponents by making sure that they're prepared dishes will taste and look good in eyes of the judges, media and audience as wellWhile prison guards are all eyes in the area where the competition was held. 

Of course while the inmates from different gang or groups are showing their skills in cooking and preparing their delicious dishes, the Sining Lahi group from the School of Fine Arts is giving us the great music of Hagibis that makes the audience to feel like dancing while singing in their beat.

After an hour of cooking showdown, the winners are the following;

3rd place - The SARAP group who won P 2,000

2nd Place - The Namit group who won P 3,000

1st Place - The YUMYUM group who won P 5,000

It was a very exciting and close fight as the judges says. All participants who compete for the Iron Bar Chef have shown their skills and proved their talents in cooking. 

We even tasted their food, and I would say that it was a two thumbs up! Great job inmates... Good luck and see you in the finals! :) 

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