Experiencing Hongkong Roast Food Express

This past few days is totally a busy days, I can't find a right time for me and for my cutie. Meetings every where, events and works loads at the same time. A friend of mine happens to invite me over a lunch date but it's actually a meeting slash event for a food review. Doh! never thought that I can do both at the same time.

Any way, it's my first time at Hongkong Roast Food Express. When I get inside, you will see a lot of Chinese inspire things around you. From the decor, ambiance and of course their food.

I was actually late that day, sorry for that. I tried their Hongkong Asado or the BBQ Roast Pork (Asado), Fish with Corn Sauce, Rice and Lemon Tea. Of course their best seller dessert called French Toast. I love its filling inside and the butter on top of the toast.

Food is great as well as people who served. We stayed there for long because it's raining outside and we had a good talk about everything about blogging, future projects and so on. Until we all notice that it was already late and we need to go home.

So, if you want to try something new with authentic food and snacks, you can visit  or Hongkong Roast Food Express at 7467-C Bagtikan St. San Antonio Village Makati City, call them at 553-7846 or 984-7760. Also, check out their website at www.hkroast.com for more information.

Enjoy eating!

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