SBC Heavenly Cheesecake And Red Velvet To Comfort You

Wow! There is something new that you will definitely get you feelgood, especially on the days that you don't like feeling go your way or end up not feeling good. 

The solution for this kind of moment is to enjoy something with your reflections while you are in the window and raining outside is the new Seattle's Best Coffee Heavenly Cheesecake and Red Velvet, both available in Hot Mocha for only P140 (small), P150 (medium), P160 (large) and ice-blended Javakula for P160 (small), P170 (medium), P180 (large). 

SBC Heavenly Cheesecake is a perfect blend of smooth coffee, white fudge and cheesecake bits topped with a cloud of whipped cream and graham crust. While the SBC Red Velvet is a harmonious mix of coffee, red velvet fudge and chocolate chunks, covered with whipped cream and red velvet crumbs.

I love the ice-blended red velvet in javakula while the heavenly cheesecake in hot mocha. It'd perfect for me, and I think the best partner during writing my blog post. 

So try this mouth-watering confection of SBC is truly best in times that you feel down, sad or simply want to be alone to think. Add them to your list of favorite drinks that will make you smile. Visit your favorite Seattle's Best Coffee branch today and have one.

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