Know The 7,107 Reasons To Celebrate With Worlds Famous Beer

The Philippine Island as one of the tropic country in the world had so many festivities that can be celebrated, Filipinos are know to be in their traits as hospitable, generous, kind and of course, always happy. We celebrate even a small celebration with our friends and family like winning in a game, first payday, etc. to be able to get together and cherish the bonding moments.

And so, with San Miguel Beer, as one of the worlds famous beer is giving us the chance to have these reasons to celebrate. In our country there are 7, 107 Islands which has the equivalent reasons to celebrate with our favorite beer.  Philippines has so many destinations, for sure you even think of traveling and experience every provinces and town festivals that you would like to share with your friends in social networking sites and the rest of the world. 

Don’t be a tourist with your own country! 

Try to explore and visit each one of them with the help from SMB 7,107 Celebrations website via to check out the latest festival that you would like to experience and places to visits. You and your friends can now easily explore different places in our country with their activity guide and itinerary as well as the history and origin of various festivities that you can even take part of. 

There is also a Beer locator where you can enjoy ice-cold San Miguel Beer products that are available and catch establishments who offers different cuisines of your choice. Not only that you can even check out the latest promos and deals in their Promos section where you can view the list of all ongoing promotions and offers from various outlets having SMB products.

Register now in SMB 7,107 Celebration website and like them on Facebook at to linked in the website and learn more about the promos which is being implemented for all their Facebook fans and registered users.

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