BenQ GW Monitor Leads In LED Monitor

September 13 2012, BenQ GW Series VA LED monitor has been launched at the Torch Restaurant in San Juan. I have used LED screen monitor in my work but never thought that such monitor could be better and as good as this. 

I don't use to care how the monitors that I have work with when it comes to visualizing the images but this one makes me think, and I know that it's different to other monitors I used. 

I never thought that using a vertical alignment monitor can display a better image and color. BenQ GW Series LED monitor uses the contrast ratio of 5000:1, this is to see if the color black is really a black because sometimes you will view the color black as gray in some monitors. It is also using a true 8-bit color that makes the colors in your monitor to come alive, very saturated and brighter. 

BenQ GW Series LED monitor is also perfect for viewing photos and watching your favorite movie from your computer. It is ideally, for office use. The price range is from P7,999 - P8,999 for 22-inch and 24-inch monitor respectively. 

Sometimes we have to seek more and be very careful in every product that we are purchasing and try not to suffer of course the quality and our pocket to get a better one. 

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