Gloc-9 Releases His Biggest Album Under Universal Records

The premiere rapper Gloc-9 is very proud on his new and first album under Universal Records entitled MKNM: Mga Kwento Ng Makata.

He sid tht he worked very hard for this album because he usually takes two month to record but with MKNM, it took round six months. However, he he was utimtely satisfied with the album, which includes collaborations from the biggest names in the music industry such as Chito Mirand, Bamboo, Ebe Dancel, Jay Durias, Billy Crawford, Ian Tayao od WilaBaliw and mny more.

This album contains various stories from people from all walks of life and it was the first time that a song about a gay man is presented in a first person's point of view and he worked ard for this song for it not to be offending to anyone. The music video of song Sirena wasa hit after it was released with the participation of Boy Abunda.

In an interview with BANDS Magine, he sid tht his collaboration with different bands and other artists has help him grow as a rapper. In the latest issue of Pinoy Magaine, Box Garchitorena writes that Gloc-9 album MKNM is definitely a keeper.

The rapper also adds tht the newalbum MKNM: Mga Kwento Ng Makata marks a new chapter in his career as this is his first release under Universal Records.

"I am very thankful that Universal welcomed me into their stable. I m looking forward to doing more projects with my new label."  
- Gloc-9


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