JOE: A Filipino Rocksical

I have given a chance to watch the play "JOE," it was my first time to watch how Philippine Stagers performed and thanks to Jude C. for the invites. I was one of the pioneer members and officer of our Theater group in school during my college, and yet I know if the artist or the actors justified their roles. And even if they portrayed their roles very well. 

I am very impressed with the performances of Philippine Stagers. They are highly effective with their characters as they portray it. They have shown us the different stages of their characters as they grow old from high school up to their older life. Direct Vincent had proven that he trained them well.  For me the set design is very simple and yet gives you the other dimension of the production which is suits to the settings. However, it my somehow look boring but thanks to the color coding outfit of the characters that gives life to the dull color of the stage design. In overall each of them complements the entire production that makes the whole play to rock. 

The play JOE was a modern adaptation of the life of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rial during his last few years in this world as the six friends headed by Joecas who is the writer and the director for the play that they are working for the presentation of Rizal's 150th years celebration. The group plays the possibilities, of how they will execute their discoveries about Rizal's as they learned more about the hero. 

The play tackles about how he fights for our country through his writings, his studies in different countries, his exile to Dapitan, his love affair to Josephine Bracken, the retraction and his death in Bagumbayan. The six friends will also face different issues in their lives as they will compare, matched, and compares it in the event of Rizal's life. 

JOE, a Filipino Rocksical is definitely a worth watching play, Philippine Stagers gives the easy way to learn, understand and look back the works of Dr. Jose Rial. They incorporate Rizal's life in the modern day that gives the audience a good fascinating experienced. 

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