Alden Richards Shares His Routine To Become Fit

Alden Richards from Alakdana and now in his most recent teleserye One True Love, is being challenge in her lifestyle. Being one of hottest young bachelors out there, and one of the most awaited personality at the recently held Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash. Oh well, he prepared for that event very much and work hard for it to look better in the runway.

Kuya James his trainer wants him to be more fit and looks good in the eyes of his fans and his goal for him was to lose excess fat, beef up his upper body, and maintain good posture. This was achieved through a rigorous daily routine of 15-20 minutes of jumping rope as often as he can, and sometimes in-between of taping schedules.

Aside from that, he made sure to incorporate 20-30 minutes of running in his routine for additional cardio. To develop core strength and fitness, Alden supplemented his workout routine with abdominal exercises that he show us when we meet him at the Golds Gym. This includes 20-30 reps of hanging leg raises, abdominal rollers, ball crunches, planks, pikes and side bends. 

Three months prior to the Bachelors Bash, his personal trainer and nutritionist limited Alden to a calorie intake but allowing him to eat 5-6 small meals per day in 2-3 hour intervals. This diet was not only about losing his weight but also to be healthy. 

A complete balance of protein, carbohydrates, fruits and fiber was recommended, while at the same time avoiding soda, ice tea, and salty chips. This diet also required him to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Alden is committed, passionate, and disciplined in anything that he does and no wonder why he deserves to be one of the Bachelors of Cosmopolitan. Its not only shows through his breakthrough roles and performances, but in every aspect of his life and thanks to Kuya James De Leon for assisting Alden to achieved his physically fit and healthy body.

Catch more of Alden Richards in GMA’s upcoming teleserye like Indio, Party Pilipinas, and follow him on Twitter @aldenrichards02


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