Cocoon Boutique Hotel, The Responsible Luxury

I was invited for a Grand Launch of Cocoon Boutique Hotel, it was located in Q.C.,  it has been rated no. 1 in the Q.C. and no. 4 in Manila when talking about the services that they provided.

It was a dream of Mr. Rafael and Gigi Vinson to put up a hotel. The construction in 760sq. meters lot that Vinson's invested with their life saving and taking two loans to make their dream a reality. Unlike any other hotel, Cocoon offers additional services like spa, aesthetic clinic and food out lust. Because they are committed to help saved the environment, they choose to be green, they used rain and ground water harvesting for toilet flushing, plant irrigation and general house cleaning.

Although, I haven't tried to stay and had a tour in there, I feel very comfortable in the place maybe because of its classic yet stylish modern look and the environment friendly ambiance. This luxurious place with a world class services is a truly a  must visit by the Filipinos and one day I know that I will have my stay in there and will definitely share it to you here.

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