The 2012 Norton Cybercrime Report

 One of the largest consumer cybercrime studies that being conduct today is the Norton Cybercrime Report which done annually. It aims to understand how the consumer can affect the cybercrimes and does the people security in adapting and evolving to new technologies.

Norton Cybercrime Reports is calculating the direct cost of cybercrime in the US is associated in the past 12 months.

"Cybercriminals are changing their tactics to target fast growing mobile platforms and social networks where consumers are less aware of security risks,"

- Jason Mok, Country Sales Manager, Philippines, Norton by Symantec.

In their report, it is also revealed that most of the internet user are taking prevention to protect their self and their personal information online by deleting suspicious emails and taking care their personal details.

Frequently changing your password using alphanumeric characters can help you protect your information and details to those cybercriminals.

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