Baja Mexican Cantina: A True Mexican Resto

It was my first time at Baja Mexican Cantina, I always saw this restaurant at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 3 whenever I passed the area. The only Mexican food I like is the Nachos and Tacos. A friend of mine invited me to try the Baja Mexican Cantina food.

Based on my understanding it was created by a group of friends who loves to eat, one of them is Art Mendoza who is a fan of Mexican food and he actually miss it. He search for a authentic Mexican food in the  Metro but none of was able to found and fulfill his cravings and because of that he and his friends starts to conceptualized and open a Mexican Restaurant.

Baja Mexican Cantina serves Mexican comfort food like Nachos, Tacos and Burritos. They also have a wide variety of mix Margaritas and Mojitos. They also offer, Quesadillas, Soup and Rice Meals. Every month of May they offer the Cinco de Mayo for the customer to enjoy a day of low-priced Margaritas from 6:00pm onward.

They also have different promos that you can enjoy and one thing I like is that they even deliver now in your movie seat when you buy Tacos or Burritos for your movie time.

If I will rank their food from 1-10, I would say that it was in 8. I appreciate most of their food except the spicy one, the taste is great and the serving is big. Their interior and the ambiance is really amazing, very cozy and relaxing.

By the way, here is the suggestion of Baja on how you can eat your Burrito;

But wait how can you eat Burritos if you order this huge burrito that they offer, the Super Grande Burrito which has a total of one kilo in weight and 12 inches long. But wait, there more... because they also have the Grande Tortilla Ceasar Salad which is good for 2-3 person and I heard that they have one customer who can eat this huge food alone. What about you, can you handle it?

Baja Mexican Cantina truely offers a piece of Mexican food. For more information you can visit Baja Mexican Cantina's Facebook page at  and if you want to see the list of their food and their prices visit their complete menu.

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