Dimsum In A Dash At Dimsum Break SM North Edsa

One of my favorite food is Chinese Food and eating Dim sum is one thing I missed. Way back on my childhood, my family used to eat at one of the famous Chinese restaurant in Manila. 

Today, I have seen that there are lots of Chinese restaurants in the Metro and none of them catches my taste buds attention because they don't serve original Chinese recipes or simply authentic Chinese food.

Have you heard about the Dimsum Break? it is one of the fastest growing brand of Harbor City Dimsum House Co., Inc. (HCDHCI) which is based in Cebu and they bring the Dimsum Break here in Manila.

“This is our first fast food chain in Luzon, but including Visayas region, it is already our 16th branch. We are optimistic that this number will continue to increase. Our confidence is based on the significant investment and development we have put in the past five years to support our growing branch network,”
 - Steven Kokseng, HCDHCI Marketing Manager  

The newest store setup of Dimsum Break exudes a warm, light, and cozy atmosphere to maintain customer involvement through its signature interactive setup at the counter. Modernized equipment and display areas ensure that the freshly cooked food is within easy reach of the customer without sacrificing food quality and safety.

Compared to the existing and more popular Chinese restaurants and fast food chains in Manila, Dimsum Break has the widest selection of dim sum. On the counter is a display of over 20 steamed and fried dim sum dishes ready for customers’ picking. 

Some of the best selling dishes under fried dim sum are the succulent crab pincer, stuffed shrimps, and crispy spring rolls. 

For steamed dim sum, the shaomai varieties, especially the chunky pork and shrimp are the bestsellers. 

Any meal is incomplete without their signature sauces such as the sweet and sour sauce, chili sauce, and ginger sauce to harmonize the different flavors. A complete package meal would cost a customer only P133 in an order of dim sum at P65 plus the rice pot at P68. 

The newly opened Dimsum Break is located at the 3F Annex of SM North Edsa, Quezon City. Like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DimsumBreak and Follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/DimsumBreak.

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