What I LIKE and what I can SHARE this Xmas!

This Christmas we are all excited again to things we can get and we even started to think of our wish list. We may focus on different kinds of wishes but we still on the same intentions... 

And this is to have it and make this a reality no matter what.

Now, I would like to share with you my wish list, things i like this Christmas, some of them are close to reality but some are just a wishful thinking and hoping that this will come true.

Here are my wish list;

"I want a new one"

"This is perfect but any smart phone will do...lols"

"Good Health for my family and for me"

And here are my share list;

 "I can share my blessings to other by donating to charity a small percentage of my salary"

"I can share happiness to kids even for a short period of time"

I will not make a promise in my share list but at least I can do something similar to it otherwise make it to happen and for my wish list, I am not choosy any will do! just text me so that I can send you my snail address where you send those present. 

Have a wonderful Christmas to all and Bless New Year!

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