Cebuboy Lechon: Authentic Cebu Lechon From Cebu To Manila

When people see's lechon in the table all you can hear is the, "Wow, sarap nyan!" and when it comes to lechon Cebu lechon is really one of the best lechon in the country. Today as many lechon store in Manila that you can order, there is another name which will give you a true and authentic taste of Cebu lechon. 

Cebuboy Lechon is now ready to deliver in Manila as they provide the authentic Cebu Lechon. To attain that unique Cebuano touch to this traditional Filipino dish, the lechon is produced and cooked in Cebu and shipped to Manila for every order.

For Filipinos, the lechon has always been hailed as the centerpiece for any celebration from bithday's to big occasions and gatherings. Even in the occasional get-together with friends - a party is not a party without CEBU lechon!

In their Best of Asia 2009 List, TIME Magazine hailed the Philippine's lechon as the "Best Pig". It came from the hit travel-food TV show, "No Reservations," where celebrity TV Chef, Anthony Bourdain, declaired the Cebu lechon as the "best pig ever." In his blog entry "The Hierarchy of Pork," Chef Bourdain ranked the Cebu lechon as the "best in the world." followed by Bali, Indonesia, and Puerto Rico.

Cebuboy Lechon is a proud member of Northern Group Works Holdings (NGH) Corporation. They operat under the NGH's food arm Holister Inc, Cebuboy will set the pace in the Metro as it will open delivery pick points in the area.

With Cebuboy Lechon, the authentic Cebu lechon will be made available and easily accessible to Manila. Cebuboy Lechon guarantees its consumers authentic Cebu lechon delivered fresh and crisp every day through uncomplicated, hassle-free ordering.

For your orders, call:

JOASHUA - 0915 6625411
DYSM      - 0917 4681179
PAOLO    - 0917 3705691
NIQs       - 0922 8756502

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