Knock Out The Wendy's New BBQnator

It was nice to go back to Wendy's although it's my first time in Greenbelt branch, I felt some excitement while heading in there. I was wondering, what this new product of Wendy's that gives super excitement to me.

When I heard the Baconator, it was like what? That huge? But no... because here's another huge sandwich from Wendy's that will drop your jaw. 

Wendy’s new BBQnator is really a mouth-watering sandwich that you will only find in Wendy's. It comes with 2 juicy 2 quarter pound imported beef patties, 6 strips of tasty smoked bacon,  2 slices of American cheese, savory with hickory barbecue sauce which I love and topped with crunchy real onion rings that is so unique. If I will pay for that BBQnator that had serve to me it will only cost P255.00 for Ala Carte and P315.00 for Combo.

It was totally fully loaded, at first don't know how to eat it and can't start having my first bite because it was big. Until they introduce the smaller version which is the son of BBQnator, which is for only P156.00 for Ala Carte and P198.00 for Combo. It was a relief for me because I only have a small appetite. 

Since they topped the BBQnator with onion rings, Wendy's also now serving Onion Rings, which is the slices of yellow Spanish onions with mild, sweet flavor, lightly battered & breaded.  It was crispy on the outside but so tender on the inside, and it was perfect with other Wendy's Signature Sandwiches. 

And of course, we never end the food tasting without the popular Wendy's Frosty. I remember way back in collage; we used to order it, and we eat it together with the fries dipping on it. 

This huge sandwich will definitely get the attention of Filipino Foodies and because it's something new and yet something not ordinary. Try It! 

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