Experience FIrst The NOKIA LUMIA AT ABENSON Store!

Did you know about the latest about NOKIA LUMIA?

Oh well, I will tell more about this cool gadget from Nokia. 

1. NOKIA LUMIA 620, LUMIA 820 and NOKIA 920 are all powered by Windows 8, so that you can get instant access to your favorite application with live tiles.

2. It has a Nokia Smart Shoot that you can take a series of photos with a single click.

3. Nokia City Lens allows you to see your city differentky.

4 Its has an innovative design that allows wireless charging and swapple shells.

5. It has a full version of Microsoft Office, Outlook and Internet Explorer 10.

Now that you have know the fact about this latest cool smart phone from NOKIA. Maybe you are wondering where you find this hottest gadget in town.

All you have to do is visit the ABENSON Store and pick your eyeing NOKIA LUMIA phone. 

ABENSON is one of the country's biggest appliances networks, a major destination for shoppers of the latest in mobile technolgy. At ABENSON, you can pay as low as P500/month for NOKIA LUMIA you like with a 0% interest on all major credit cards. 

But wait, there's more because you can also get exclusive freebies from them so visit your favorite ABENSON store now and be the first to experience the NOKIA LUMIA, 620, LUMIA 820 and LUMIA 920 today!

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